I was just getting started and thought I had everything figured out.  Little did I know what I was in for or the valuable lessons I’d learn along the way.  Being techie at a young age instilled innovative skillsets.  Skillsets, I didn’t know would  become the very foundation of modern-day business, but it did help me realize how many problems in life can be solved with effective communication and the right strategy. 


The first time I grocery shopped after leaving home, my whole world changed.  As I picked up my favorite bread, some lunchmeat and cake, I started to calculate the cost and quickly realized most of it had to go right back on the shelf.  Leaving with milk, bread, peanut butter and ramen, what I already knew was crystalized; my dad worked really hard to support my brothers and I.

We didn’t grow up with much, but we had each other. We worked hard alongside my dad in construction to make ends meet. The ends didn’t always meet, but there was only so much he could do as a single parent with three mouths to feed. Throughout the years, our household was very strict, and although I loved my family, I moved out the first chance I could, seeking that freedom I’d always wanted.  After high school, I put my head down, got my bachelor’s degree in engineering, and continued my hands-on learning working as an engineer for a technology company.  My life was started and my wife, Raha, and I were off and running.

Freedom seems to be a word that constantly came up in my life. It came up so much I wanted to actually use my gift, to aid in keeping our country free.  Taking my skillsets to the U.S. Army under the Military Intelligence Corps, not only grew my passion for leadership but also took my gift and honed it.  Sharpening the edges, giving titles and names to my processes.  Everything was starting to make more sense now.  My purpose was starting to become clearer.  After serving, my career continued to blossom and over the next 16 years I ended up managing the Verizon Wireless network in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Along with way I earned my M.B.A., a BIAM Graduate Certificate and had 2 kids.  Working under Verizon let me see how major corporations were ran and as the manager, problem solving moved to the forefront of my skillsets.

My family is everything to me, so it pained me to watch as my dad’s health declined throughout the years.  He suffered from heart problems which led to having a stint and pacemaker put in to help.  It was tough to see the strongest man I’ve known, my hero, fight a battle that I could clearly see he was losing.  But as the hospital visits increased, so did conversations about arrangements for the inevitable.

When that inevitable call came, my dad was already unconscious and all those conversations we had rang in my head as I realized we wouldn’t have any more.  I knew what he wanted, and I had to make the final call.  The doubts and the guilt immediately started playing in my head.  I wondered if I should’ve done more.  If you’ve ever lost someone, you know it doesn’t matter.  I just had to come to terms with the fact that my “Daddy” was gone.

I couldn’t change what happened to my dad and it was hard because fixing problems is what I do, what I was born to do.  All you can do is move forward.  Ultimately after losing my father, my strongest supporter, I decided to run after a dream I had been groomed for, for years.  It’s almost as if my father was pushing me to chase that dream and make it a reality.  Starting my own business was the next step in achieving my dreams, helping small business owners reach their dreams.  I couldn’t be prouder and more excited to be on the path of aiding small businesses in their growth and connectivity to their community.   

When I have the time, I love spending it with my family, watching sports, playing basketball, and reading.  I’ve been improving processes and systems for businesses for decades, fixing problems, increasing efficiency and communication.  I have the hands-on experience, but more importantly the passion and drive to find those solutions that get you to where you want to be.  What I do is simplify things so that you have time to focus on what’s important in your life and I’m there for you whenever a problem comes up along the way.

Running a business is a big job, there are countless things you must manage and stay on top of.  It’s easy for things to slip through the cracks.  I understand that you want to do the best you can and increase your revenue as much as possible, but sometimes it can be hard to determine what’s holding you back.  That’s where I can help.  Fixing problems and coming up with creative solutions are my specialties.  It’s what I do!  I have decades of experience working with businesses to increase efficiency and revenue by delivering happier employees and smoother operations.  That’s why I take the time to explain where I see room for growth and what exactly can be done about it.  I care about your long-term success, that’s why I’m still around after our first meeting and will continue to be there for you in the future.  Business is about people after all and my relationships with my clients are for life.



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Eddie T Arnold Jr.


Fractional Operations Manager

(747) 217-1847