"DLP always flows in the best interest of the client with compassionate understanding of your company 's purpose while strategically and efficiently achieving your goals. Kudos!!"

Troy L. Rawlings

DLP is like a warm blanket on a cold winter day!  We’ve been fortunate to build a strong business and had been able to be profitable, but were really stuck using antiquated methods of filing and processing.  Eddie came in and automated our office workflow processes using the same tools we were already paying for.  This has improved our file processing eliminating 50% of our overtime during tax season.  Amazing results! 

Azy |  Managing Partner at AG Accounting 

DLP Consulting’s principle Eddie Arnold is a game changer. We engaged in their services to streamline some operational bottle necks between departments. After their consultations and implementations, our departments became 27% more efficient. Their strategy was so sound, we added their strategy to our offerings for Managed Services we offer our clients.


Chris Waters | CEO of LS365

The DLP consulting is just simply put it marvelous. Theylisten, they do a strategy custom made for your business, they follow thru andat the end of the day , they are great consulting group.


Azy A.

Their business consulting knowledge for company's growth

Azy A.